About Us


Meal Folks

Meal Folks was born as a startup with the aim of digitizing the companies that belong to the HORECA sector.

Through new technologies, Meal Folks has created a platform that contributes to improving service processes for customers of restaurants, bars, cafés, kiosks, taverns, pubs, discos, hotels, spas, etc., providing greater ease in the processes of purchase avoiding the traditional problems in this sector.

The digital use of the platform allows obtaining real data on the business exercise, creating real statistics that allow administrative decision-making with ease and certainty.

The system allows the creation of digital menus, digital orders, and shopping flows, resulting in a clear vision of consumer behaviour and allowing its users to save money, as well as providing a higher quality of service while the system takes care of every present process.

Meal Folks allows the consumer to give reviews about their total experience and rates on each product, service, team, environment, experience.

Finally, the platform allows a more efficient service, leading to an improvement in service and consumer satisfaction.