1What is Meal Folks?
Meal Folks company who has created a special platform of digital menus/catalogues with interactive QR code to help restaurant, bars, catering companies, hotels, spas, clubs, cafés, fast-food, pubs, kiosks makes easy to manage menus, or catalogues with rich picture and information of each product, making easy the buy decision for their customers, increasing the good experience of business, saving tons of time when you need to update products, reducing costs when you finish your stocks of products. Also, with the Medium Business plan is possible to order from the table in case of restaurant and bar or from the room in case of a hotel. All the platform is user-friendly easy to use.
2Who can use Meal Folks?
If you want to start using our platform you may need to choose a plan and follow a simple steps, this platform is perfect for restaurant, bars, catering companies, hotels, spas, clubs, fast-food, pubs, cafes, kiosks and much more. Practically any business who wants to have a digital catalogue online to increase sales.
3What countries do you support?
Meal Folks is a start-up, and we cover all 28 EU countries plus UK for now, but we hope in a little short time it will be available worldwide.
4Can I have a demo?
Sure, Meal Folks has created a special 10 days trial where you can try the platform with Zero costs click here.
5What are the prices?
You can check our Plans clicking here. If none of those plans suit you, email us to enquiries@mealfolks.com, and the sales team will contact you for a custom plan.
6How will I know what will be the price for me?
The price plans depend on tax policy for each country. To get an exact offer for your business, follow the plan process and you will see the final price or email us enquiries@mealfolks.com and sales team will contact you.
7How long can I use a free plan?
You can use the free plan for 10 days, for us is important you can try the platform to be 100% happy with the qualities of our service.
8Can I change my plan? Go for a bigger or smaller plan?
Meal Folks have only 2 Plans, both have 10 days trial free of charge and of course you can change your plan when you want.
9Do you have integration with POS?
Meal Folks can be integrated with any system. The terms of integration are a subject of discussion. Send your integration request by the form in the next link POS integration.
10Do you offer a Partnership program?
Yes, we have various partnership plans. Visit our Partners area and get in touch with our team to discuss the different proposal that we have for our partners.
11Can you fill or integrate in my menu on the platform?
Yes, we will do a set up for you, as you can see each plan has an optional menu setup for €49.99 no VAT included.
12How can I check orders from my customers?
a. You will get notification inside Meal Folks Platform. b. You can check your notification order on top bar “bell icon” c. You can print order with a POS integration
13Do you have online payment option?
No yet, this option will be available from February 2021.
14Do you take any commission on pickups or delivery orders?
No, our main aim is to keep your expenses as low as possible making you grow up easy.